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 seeking ev'd pokes have awesome events!

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seeking ev'd pokes have awesome events! Empty
PostSubject: seeking ev'd pokes have awesome events!   seeking ev'd pokes have awesome events! I_icon_minitimeTue Apr 29, 2008 5:32 am

havez(ards cloned)
Manaphy Lv.1-Ranger-UT-none
Manaphy(japanese)Lv.5-Mizunotami-UT-King's Rock
Manaphy lv.100-Ranger-not UT-none
Manaphy lv.'s 50,54-TRU-lv.50 UT-Red Scarf
Darkrai(japanese) lv.100-movie or demo-not UT-Enigma Berry
Darkrai(japanese) lv.50-movie or demo-UT-Enigma Berry
Salamence(japanese) lv.50-Saikyou-UT-Dragon Fang
Dragonite(japanese) lv.50-Saikyou-UT-Yache Berry
Electivire lv.'s 50,100-Poketopia-lv.50 is UT-Magnet
Ho-oh(japanese) lv.100-Batoruyama-Not UT-Awakening
Lugia lv.100-Netherlands/UK 10th anniversary-Not UT-none
Surfing Pikachu lv.50-TCGWC-UT-Light Ball
Surfing/Volt Tackling Pikachu lv.11-Poketopia-not UT-Light Ball
Mew lv.'s 10,22,100,100(dif.)-Mystry-lv.10 is UT-none
Mew lv.'s 10,37,100-Pokemon Event 07-lv.10 is UT-none
Mew(japanese) lv.'s 10,79,91,100,100(holding master ball)-Hadou(Wave)-lv.10 is UT-Masterball on one of the 100's
Mew lv.10-Aura-UT-none
Celebi(japanese) lv.10-Agate-UT-none
Celebi lv.'s 70,70,100-10 Anniversary-one lv.70 is UT-none
Magmortar lv.'s 50,100-Poketopia-lv.50 is UT-Charcoal
Magmortar(japanese) lv.100-Pokemon Festa 06-not UT-Charcoal
Jirachi lv.'s 5,100-Wishmkr-lv.5 is UT-Salac Berry
Shiny Jirachi lv.5-Wishmkr-UT-Salac Berry
Shiny Jirachi lv.5-PKMN Channel-UT-Salac Berry
Raikou lv.100-10 Anniversary-not UT-none
Togepi lv.26-Pokemon XD-not UT-none-special moves:Tri Attack, AncientPower
Gyarados(Foppa) lv.100-The Meister-not UT-none
Magmar lv.54-Pokemon XD-not UT-none-special moves: Thunderpunch,cross chop,follow me
Shiny Deoxys lv.30-Island-UT-none
Suicune lv.70-10aniv-UT-none
Shiny Mew lv.33-island-not UT-none
Mew lv.50(japanese)-palcity-UT-none
Lucario lv.50-palcity-UT-metal coat
Other notables
Salamence 367 attack lv.100
Spiritomb(japanese) lv.31
Shiny kyogre lv.100
Shiny Dialga lv.70
Shiny Espeon lv.88
Shiny Hitmontop lv.100
Blissey(japanese) lv.100 664 HP
Shiny Arcanine lv.100
Shiny Rayquaza lv.80

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seeking ev'd pokes have awesome events! Empty
PostSubject: Re: seeking ev'd pokes have awesome events!   seeking ev'd pokes have awesome events! I_icon_minitimeTue Apr 29, 2008 5:46 pm

What are the Jirachi's nature's? And the Celebi's.

OI! Get back here with me Taco!
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seeking ev'd pokes have awesome events!
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